Transform From Regressed To Reinvented

An amazing program for finding the new you!

Transform From Regressed To Reinvented TM Group Program

An amazing 6 months program for restoring from a place of regress in your life to a place of discovering the new you, getting back control and feeling re-invented!

This is for you if:


You have experienced some sort of loss which made you feel like you have lost your identity , regressed or the “rug has been pulled from underneath your feet” and you lost control of your life.


Do you want to get back control of your life, appreciate a new season has begun in your life, be supported to see and believe there is a reason for living again and re-invent yourself ?

Each month we will cover essential stages starting with acknowledging your pain, how that has affected you to bringing you back in touch with your inner self and find peace , understand how going through your period of regress has shaped you and those around you, how even thou painful that period has contributed to your journey of growth . Ultimately as a result of our program and support together you will rise just like a Phoenix out of the ashes, with hope, confidence and a new found zest for life.

This is limited to 5 people only. Subject to application as the group dynamics have to be right in order for everyone to feel supported in the group as well as in order for me to serve you in the best way possible .

PRICE £ 600
6 months group programme
5 people only

Aplication necessary

Starts July to December 2019


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