Who Bella -Elena works with?

I work with adults who want to transform their lives and re-invent themselves.
I also work with parents who want to transform their parenting.

I will work with you, coaching and empowering you, help you understand how you can turn things around, transform your life and impact on those around you as a result. You’ll understand what has held you back from living a fulfilled, transformed life, what was going wrong and learn strategies needed to do to put things right.

You will feel supported, motivated, encouraged and listened to. This will lead you to make the changes and take the action that will result in you living the happy, fulfilled life you dream of.

Starting right now you can create the transformed life you dream off.

People who WANT life transformation coaching are brave people and motivated. They identify they have a problem and they seek a solution to their problem and are wise enough to accept help when they can’t find answers or solutions by themselves!

They are not demotivated, useless, powerless or waiting for things to just fall on their lap (as some misinformed people wrongly assume about those who access life coaching services ).

The people who access life transformation coaching are not necessarily people who had a bad childhood experience.
They could be successful in many other areas of life but feel stuck in the 1particular area, where they decide being coached by a coach is the best way forward to bring them the desired result and achieve it faster than if they were working on it by themselves.

People who access life transformation coaching with me take action and focus!

They say enough is enough. They might not know where to start or how to sort out their problem but their focus is to sort out their problem, achieve a particularly positive outcome, transform their lives and feel fulfilled!

I am a certified Master Coach, NLP practitioner and also have counseling qualifications. I am qualified in leadership and management in health & social care for early years and young peoples services. I have worked with children in education for 17 years. I am happily married and have a teenage son.

I am passionate about empowering men and women to transform their lives. I will give my all to get you to gain clarity and results in your life and address belief systems that hold you back. You will understand the potential and power within you, whilst living more fully in the present and feeling fulfilled.

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